Stansborough is 100% Pure Sustainable New Zealand. The wool comes from one of the rarest sheep in the world- the Stansborough Grey. Once shorn, the wool is seperated by hand into 3 shades of grey that naturally occur on its coat. These are then used in all Stansborough products un-dyed. Where colour is used, it is derived from biodegradable and eco-friendly dyes. All processes are carried out in New Zealand making Stansborough 100% traceable from farm to finished product. 

These Baby Wraps will keep your little ones so warm and oh so snug from top to tail. The blanket is woven Stansborough Grey Wool with Alpaca and features satin edges on two ends. An heirloom blanket that will be handed down and treasured within your family. 

Available in the softest colour ways; Oyster Pink, Atoll Blue or Mid Grey. 

Dimensions: 1 x 1.2 m approx