The shwrap™  blanket features in built sleeves making it an incredibly versatile accessory for your little one, and the perfect gift to welcome a newborn into the world. Exclusively designed by Jujo, the shwrap™ is for babies who dislike being swaddled arms wrapped, you can wrap your baby snug while keeping their arms free but covered. It also allows easy transfer of your bubba from the car seat to pram/bassinet without having to unwrap them which can often be inconvenient and disruptive. Also, by placing part of the blanket section over the shoulder the shwrap™ is a great accessory for discreet breastfeeding if needed. Deep rib cuffs can be adapted to create different sleeve lengths.

For new/younger babies they can be wrapped snug in the blanket section with sleeves worn as a cardigan. In the car seat it is easy to use the shoulder straps too!

For older babies (6-12 months), as they become more active the blanket features added fastening detail under the arms so when you lift the baby, or they are moving around it won’t fall away to the ground as with a regular blanket. Bub stays snugger for longer!

Available in several different textures and knits. See drop down menu for colour and pattern variations.

Knitted using 100% cotton yarns

Care: Machine washable for total easy care

Dimensions: One size only