It all began with two straws and three paper storks…. In 1953 Christian Flensted assembled his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter. One year later and Flensted mobiles was established. Since that time the firm has continued to create elegant, timeless designs. Flensted himself became known as the ‘Uromager’, translated into English as the ‘maker of things mischievous and always on the move’. Flensted mobiles simultaneously set their surroundings in motion while creating a calmness and balance of mind.

The story of Jonas and the whale comes to life with this colourful Flensted mobile. When swallowed by the whale Jonas cried

‘Throw me up, let me out

Of this gloomy saloon.

I promise, dear whale,

I’ll break my harpoon.’


Designed by Christian Flensted

Handmade in Denmark

Design Year: 1984

Dimensions H=40cm x W=38cm

Colour black, red

Made from cardboard