Alwero means respect for nature, people and traditions. In the middle of nature, in the south of Poland the family business began in the late 1990s. Those places where the sheep graze deep in the mountains form the inspiration at the heart of this gorgeous brand. Alwero products are made from 100% wool without the addition of synthetic fibres making them both durable and breathable which are super important considerations when it comes to your little ones wardrobe. Alwero pieces are more than just textiles, they are woollen handicrafts which will be passed down generations. 

The Alwero Bear Wool Onesie will keep your little one looking adorably cute and most importantly wonderfully warm. The onesie is made from 100% natural wool meaning its like wrapping your little one in a big, cosy bear hug. The wool also means your little one will not sweat and keep their healthy body temperature naturally. To contribute to that even more, the onesie is not lined so it can ventilate. The suit features bear ears, front zip closure and integrated hands whilst the feet remain open for ease with shoes or gumboots.

Available in beige.

Washing instructions 30 °C wool wash program with wool detergent.